Step Three: Last Four Centres (L4C)

In this step, you'll solve the remaining centres of the puzzle. This step breaks the intuitively intended system of the steps prior by introducing proper algorithms!

Last Four Centres
(hover for hidden faces)
Now that the Welder's Mask is solved, it's time to permute the remaining centre pieces. Your Skewb will have either 0, 3, or 4 unsolved centres at this stage.
If your Skewb has 0 unsolved centres (that is, all of your Skewb's centres are solved) proceed to Step Four by clicking here.

There are a total of six cases for this step:
Three cases involve solving a cycle of three centres, and the other three cases solve four centres.

Important: Use y rotations so that your Skewb's centres are being solved as the pictures denote.

3 Unsolved Centres
(hover for hidden faces)
  • (F' R F R') y2 (F' R F R') (pure)
  • R L R L' R' L'
  • (y') R' L' R' L R L

  • *You can use the pure algorithm when the U case is in the E-layer (that is, if the D centre is solved).
  • y2(') (R F R' F') y' (F' R' F R)
  • y R x' (F' R F R') y2 (F' R F) R (pure)
  • y2 (F R F' R') y' (R' F' R F)
  • Ob
  • y (F' R' F R) y (R F R' F')
  • R y x' (F' R F R') y2 (F' R F R') L' x' (pure)
  • y R' F' R F y F R F' R'

  • 4 Unsolved Centres
    (hover for hidden faces)
    F-B, R-D
  • (F' R F R')
  • (F' R F R')*3 (pure)
  • R L R L' R' B' L' B (pure)
  • Za
    F-R, B-D
  • (R F R' F')*3 (pure)
  • R L R' L' y F' R' y R F (pure)
  • Zb
    F-D, R-B
  • (F' R' F R)*3
  • y' R' L' R L R y' R F' R' (pure)