Step Four: Corners of the Last Layer

At this stage, the only pieces left to solve are the corners of the last layer.

If you look at the D layer, you'll notice that all the corners are permuted, but they may not be oriented. Or, you could be the lucky 11.11% and have a solved Skewb. If so, congratulations! For the other 88.89% of us, we are equally likely to have either of two unsolved cases.
2 corners
  • (F' R F R')*2 y (F' R F R')*2
  • y2 F R L' B' y' R F' L' y' R L R' (optimal)
    4 corners
  • (F' R F R')*2
  • It should be noted that for Peanut, the D-face stickers should be visible as pictured before executing the corresponding algorithm. For Pi, rotate the puzzle so that there are two D-face stickers on the B face before executing the corresponding algorithm.

    After this, your Skewb should be solved! Hooray!