This set of algorithms combines Steps Three and Four, solving the rest of the skewb once the Welder's Mask is solved.

Case pages are categorised by L4C case. Click on the L4C case you have to get to that set of L4C+CLL cases. In total, there are 74 unsolved L4C+CLL cases. Here, I have algorithms for each one. In the future, I wish to include algorithms in other notations, particularly Rubik'skewb and FCN , as well as offer algorithms when layer is on D.

S (Solved)
Oa (F-R-D)
Ob (R-F-D)
U (R-L-D)
Ue-1 (F-B-R)
Ue-2 (F-R-B)
H (F-B, R-D)
Za (F-R, B-D)
Zb (F-D, R-B)